Computed Tomography - CT

CT Scan
Computed tomography (CT) is the first choice for three-dimensional, digital analysis of many materials and objects. An important advantage of material analysis with CT is the full acquisition of the part's inner and outer specifications. Otherwise invisible because internally located material defects are found with a non-destructive test method. Wall-thickness and density can also be determined.

Additionally, a three-dimensional scan with computed tomography can discern different materials inside of massive objects from each other. Composition, location and clearance of components can be tested like you were wearing a pair of x-ray goggles.

Our reliable processing and refining of the CT-acquired scan data guarantees you to get all the information about your parts and products that you want to have.

Rubber nozzle

CT - scan rubber nozzle

Rubber nozzle

Triangulated mesh

Rubber nozzle

Section view

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