3D Quality Analyses

Quality analysis
3D based quality analyses are typically performed as target-performance analysis. Therefore the 3D scanned performance data are matched with the target data, that usually come from CAD data or that are defined by masterpieces or production specifications.

Typical applications for 3D quality analyses: Target-performance analyses of first-off samples, testing of production tools for wearout or the measurement, control and documentation of fatigue and aging processes. But the most usual application is still quality assurance in the production process. This means the inspection and testing of incoming components on the one hand and the statistical monitoring of the production process on the other hand. If your quality assurance requires a 100% inline inspection of all parts and components, please also consider the great and user-friendly possibilities that Roboscanner provides. Additionally, we are an authorized reseller of Solutionix-Scanners.

In-line quality assurance is empowered by:
  • Analysis reports on first-off samples
  • In-line measuring
  • Recognition of trends
  • Statistical process monitoring
  • Complete and intuitive documentation
  • Reportings are tailored to individual specifications and created in common formats like PDF, HTML, Word, Excel.
  • Report generation is fully automated
  • For statistical process monitoring all analyses can be summed up
In addition, we ensure the 3D based monitoring of your quality criteria with the following options:
  • Our 3D laboratory keeps various modern systems at hand for you. Well-renowned providers of reliable 3D scanning systems like e.g. Solutionix empower highest precision and consistency of measurement results. This secures the success of your quality analysis from the beginning.
  • Defined areas are analysed, visualised and reported in full scale, in sections or in single points of measurement. So you get all required results highly reliable and on time. Furthermore we are your partner when it comes to 2D- and 3D-dimensioning as well as positional tolerance analyses.
  • Our year long experience in 3D measurement and quality assurance provides you with 100% reliable results.

We have been working directly with numerous experts in the fields of material and surface inspection as well as robotics since 2014 as a member of the Autision Group. The comprehensive solution portfolio of the Autision Group is available to us in full, and thus also to you for all your quality assurance needs.

Send us a short with pictures of your objects and a brief description of your performance requirements. We will develop the optimal solution for you in short order.