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3D Printing

The possibilities of 3D printing have increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years. The 3D printer industry generated worldwide sales of around 2.2 billion dollars in 2012. According to a study by Wohlers Associates, the 3D printer market with all products and 3D printing services reached a volume of 3.07 billion dollars in 2014. According to the market study numbers, the 3D printer market enjoyed rapid growth of 34.9 percent in 2013. In the 5 year forecast, the entry of Hewlett-Packard (HP) into the market in particular will result in continued growth. Total sales of 4 billion dollars are expected for 2015.

As a result, the possible areas of application have expanded in a downright dramatic manner. 3D printing offers game-changing advantages for rapid prototyping in particular:
  • High detail precision and dimensional accuracy
  • Implementation in plastic or metal
  • Depending on the specification, printed parts can almost support the full loads

Our customers use 3D printers by Descam 3D Technologies, among other things in order to make accurate copies of individual technical pieces but also for art and design. Of course these copies can be used for rapid prototyping purposes. Other possibilities which are no less interesting include making physical backup copies, promotional or merchandising items or, where possible, sale as finished small-series product. In the restoration or medical technology fields in particular, 3D printed parts can also be used for "testing" of difficult tasks which cannot be repeated on the original.

Do you want to learn more about this new technology? We will be happy to advise you about the possibilities for putting your plans and concepts into physical form quickly, easily and cost effectively. Simply contact us with no obligation and learn more.

You can view some of our scanning and rapid prototyping projects in our gallery.

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