Reverse Engineering / Surface Reconstruction

Reverse EngineeringIn reverse engineering or surface reconstruction data that have been acquired by 3D analysis are refined to CAD-files (NURBS-surfaces) and herewith made suitable for the processing in IGES-, VDA- or STEP formats.

In reverse engineering which basically means the process from an existing object back to its digital CAD data four types of surface reconstruction can be distinguished:
  • Manual surface reconstruction
  • Optimized surface reconstruction
  • Analytical surface reconstruction
  • Constructional surface reconstruction
Depending of your individual requirements and targets also combinations of the above mentioned strategies can be successful. 

General advantages of reverse engineering

  • CAD-data (NURBS-surfaces) are easier to process than three-dimensional scan-data (triangular mesh).
  • The numbers of surfaces as well as the data volume are significantly smaller after reverse engineering. (Typically around a thousandth part for number of surfaces and a tenth for data volume.)
  • CAD-surfaces are transiting tangentially (C1-continuous) or curvature constant (C2-continuous).
  • Changes of the geometrical can be carried out in every CAD system.
Please request our info on the different applications and possibilities of reverse engineering and surface reconstruction.

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