Product Diversity in 3D Processing - Geomagic®

We have placed our trust in Geomagic® as the ideal all-in-one solution for digital process chains for a long time. We are the official reseller of Geomagic® applications. In addition, we also provide training in the individual programs. Contact us.

Geomagic Control
From surface reconstruction, quality analyses and sections to creating 3D models - you will find a solution for every application here.
Geomagic® is our no. 1 choice for 3D data processing in our scanning services or as link in the process chain for the automated scanning process with our Roboscanner.
Geomagic Design X

Selection of products which you can purchase through us:

Geomagic® Design X

(Formerly Rapidform XOR), comprehensive software package for 3D data processing and design using surface reconstruction. Use your scanning data to calculate accurate CAD files and edit these as necessary.
Geomagic® Design™ X offers a wide range of tools if you want to perform editing to optimise your 3D models:
  • Reduction of triangles
  • Smoothing of surfaces
  • Closing of holes
  • Surface reconstruction of scanned or CAD files
  • and much more

Geomagic® Control

Software for scanning data quality alysis. Use the advantages of the target-actual comparison via:
  • 2D section analysis and dimensioning
  • Orientation and 3D analysis relative to reference files
  • Position and shape tolerances
  • Reporting
  • Fully automatable process

Geomagic Wrap®

Simple and cost effective method of converting your 3D data from the point cloud into 3D polygon models. And like in Geomagic® Design™ X, you can also perform editing and optimisation of the data.

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