Collaborative, Automated and Mobile – Roboscanner

Roboscanner is the first mobile measuring robot for scanning components. It can be used flexibly and can be operated by anyone thanks to its automatic path planning. 


Because it is highly mobile, Roboscanner can be used wherever it is needed. The advantages of this mobility have been combined with the advantages of automation through robotics: Because it doesn't require an enclosure like fixed measuring robots, the system is mobile and can be used flexibly. If need be, Roboscanner can also be adapted for use in harsh environments (foundries, forges, etc.).
From several identical or similar parts to series production, the Roboscanner performs fully automated scanning of the 3D contours of the required parts.
Thanks to the robot's automated path planning, no time-consuming teaching is required. The system can be put into operation "out of the box" approx. 30 minutes after delivery. The potential time and cost savings through automation of the 3D scanning process are considerable. The typical amortisation period of the Roboscanner is correspondingly short. Convince yourself: We will gladly demonstrate the Roboscanner to you within the framework of a free workshop at your site.

Or even more quickly via a Teamviewer conference. We are also happy to use your own parts for the demonstration in either case. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of collaborative automated 3D scanning? Download the datasheet with the Roboscanner technical specifications, send us an email or talk directly to our contact, Dr. Franz Eder.


A high precision laser 3D scanner, moved automatically by a collaborative (i.e. safe for employees through the use of sensors) 6-axis robotic arm, captures parts of practically any size. Then the acquired data are processed according to individual requirements and output, for example as a finished QA report.
Operation of the system can be learned quickly and easily thanks to the Roboscanner software. The robot can be moved with the mouse, for example. The software automates the entire scanning process including transferring of the acquired data, e.g. to Geomagic Control / Studio. Scripts can also be used to easily and successfully automate specific tasks.


Automated series measurements "beside the line" in production. Typical fields in which work outputs are inspected and quality is assured using 3D scanning include cushion and seat manufacturing for automotive or furniture manufacturing, foundries and vehicle body production. But museums and institutes can also benefit from the strengths of the Roboscanner. As can many other users. We will gladly advise you of the potential which automated 3D measuring via scanning holds for your own work. Contact our experts.


10/2015: Handling Award, awarded during Motec, 1st place in the category "quality and safety".

Further Information:
Roboscanner E (PDF|432 KB)