Scan and Reconstruction - Möbius Strip

Another of our scanning jobs was from a customer in the art and culture field.

Our measuring technicians scanned the art object out of reddish plastic using a handheld laser scanner and subsequently used the point clouds to generate a triangulated mesh. After scaling, individual pieces of wood were calculated from this model, then stacked on top of one another and glued together.
The final step was sanding of the wooden model, after which it was exhibited in a museum.

It would have been impossible to accomplish this task without 3D technology. It is a beautiful example of the great versatility of 3D capture methods.

We would like to thank Mr. Wallbaum and his sculpture shop for the approval to use the photographs and the 3D model on our website. 

Moebius strip plastic
Möbius strip modeling
Moebius strip scan
Möbius strip scan
Moebius strip wooden pieces
Wooden pieces for the Möbius strip
Moebius strip assembly
Moebius strip handcraft
Moebius strip handcraft
Moebius strip made from woodResult: Möbius strip made from wood
Moebius strip wooden model

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