Scanning and Rapid Prototyping of Wood Carvings

We received a very special scanning job in 2013:

The Bavarian Palace Department approached us to scan wood carvings from the 19th century. These extremely delicate and fine carvings in wooden boards were used at the time as moulds for table decorations out of icing.

Digital capturing is an ideal method of preserving these precious moulds. The boards are captured with contactless technology and safeguarded in their current state for the coming generations.
Our engineers captured the models with a handheld scanning system. Further processing of the data was subsequently performed in Geomagic. Then a negative of the mould was calculated on the basis of this 3D model and reproduced as a physical display object using a 3D printer.

We have fond memories of our work on this exceptional job and would like to thank the Bavarian Palace Department for the approval to use these photos and 3D models on our website.

Relief Scan
Scan of the wood mould with relief
Relief Scan negativ
Negative 3D model
Relief RP
Rapid prototyping model

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