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Our customers appreciate our experience and our competences in 3D scan to order. Growing along with our tasks from different industries with different requirements and countless different scan objects, we are the partner you are searching for: Reliable, flexible and experienced service that you do not have to think about. Some examples for typical applications.


We are an experienced service provider in 3D scanning. Therefore we do know better as many others what users expect of 3D scanners. Absolute precision is crucial along with simple operating and high profitability. In addition, our solutions facilitate the rework and and evaluation of the collected scan data. They are made for users by users. Quick, reliable and always on a partnership basis. More information.


For 3D shape acquisition we have the know how along with suitable instruments. Whether it is carried out tactile or touchless, manually or automatically. Beginning with a singular digitalization of prototypes or samples for research and development up to automated high-volume scanning alongside of your production line.

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Our solutions offer crucial advantages when it comes to performance and precision in aeronautics or in space flight.

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Just as for foundries, our range of competences is an excellent match for the requirements of industrial forging. Flexible installation even where human workers are employed, rapid data acquisition and user-friendly operating.

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Three-dimensional shapes and moulds are of special interest in foundries. Therefore, 3D shape acquisition finds a lot of possible applications in this sector. The unique flexibility of our scan systems is especially beneficial here. 

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We have deep experience in the acquisition of various objects in their original places. This supports many different applications in archaeology, authentication of art objects and in the preservation of sites of historic interest. 

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Art and antiques
Our customers rely on our services in CT scan when it comes to the investigation of ducts and material composition for disposable accessories or permanent implants. Highly precise 3D scanning is also required in prosthetic dentristy.

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Scan and RP-Model carved wooden matrix
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CT Scan plastic sheep
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