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Art and AntiquesOur experience in the capture of objects of any size directly on site allows for many new solutions for archaeology, art authentication and historic monument preservation. For example, an automated 3D scan at flexible locations in archaeological digs allows for scanning of the local conditions, thus digitally preserving the find site unmodified and in three dimensions. This provides significant benefits for documentation and analysis.

Studies on erosion of monument or facade surfaces can even be performed this way. Thanks to the increasing use of modern data processing tools in archaeology and museum applications, the use of 3D technology is becoming a lot more important. Even small parts can be scanned precisely and thus be digitally preserved from destruction and loss. Cast and stone carving works can also be compared with one another – and often important findings can only be made on the basis of any deviations. Allow us to present solutions for your individual application within the framework of a free workshop. Then we can work together to assess the possible benefit of 3D scanning in your work to preserve cultural goods.

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