Three-dimensional shapes are particularly important in foundry operations. The range of potential 3D capture applications is correspondingly large. Foundries can take full advantage of the exceptional flexibility of our scanning systems and software solutions.

3D capturing of cast parts

Unlike conventional haptic systems, the parts are captured quickly, without contact and over the whole surface. The software prepares corresponding, easy to understand analysis reports. This makes it a lot simpler to prepare detailed initial sample reports.

  • Casting mould simulation
    Mould top and bottom plates can easily be fitted together digitally after capture via 3D scanning. Result: A digital, three-dimensional part is available even before casting. It can be analysed in detail and converted back into a CAD model.
  • Flow simulation
    Capturing the interior of the mould precisely significantly improves the results of the flow simulation and sprue design. These complex applications are greatly simplified and expedited as a result.
  • Shape control in sand core manufacturing
    The sand used in core manufacturing erodes the moulds used to manufacture the sand cores. The dimensions of the produced sand cores slowly change as a result – risking the undetected production of rejects. With 3D scanning, the mould and core can be captured quickly and economically and compared with the original CAD files.
  • Position control in core boxes
    The position of individual cores in the assembly can be measured with measuring marks or scanned in with our 3D scanning solutions. This produces a model of the assembled core box in advance. The core position(s) can be checked using sections. The dimensions of the resulting cast part can be determined already at this time.
  • Model management and mould storing
    Foundries often face high costs for warehousing of physical samples and models. In addition to reducing these costs, digitisation and electronic storage also results in gains with regard to reliability, overview of the inventory and access times.
  • Production on demand
    You can often produce prototypes, replacement parts or small series cost effectively yourself with 3D printing. Use these revolutionary possibilities in your foundry before your competition does.

These and other innovative three-dimensional capture solutions in foundries will secure massive efficiency advantages for your operation. By reducing or avoiding downtime and the cost of internal logistics and expansion or conversion of plants, high potential savings can be achieved in foundries using 3D capture and 3D scanning.

By the way, the Autision Group companies also provide many other solutions for foundry operations in particular: From surface and crack testing to robot-assisted, optically supported fettling and handling to series measurements of cast part and sand cores. Also inform yourself about the many different things you can achieve through a custom combination of these solutions, or simply contact us.


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